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  • (FI) Coffee Chatter | That Girl Myra
    that life thing

    Coffee Chatter: Part II

    Hiiii my little chalupas (thanks Kerri for that, haha)! While I’ve super missed all of you lovely people, I’ve going to be honest here. Something about leaving this space behind for a…

  • Things I Learned This Weekend | That Girl Myra
    that life thing

    Things I Learned This Weekend.

    Have you ever had those days where it just seems like the ‘a-ha’ moments keep coming?! That truly felt like my weekend. It was nothing earth-shattering, but something about those little…

  • that life thing

    Real Talk: Behind the Scenes.

    Real talk, y’all. Tuesday was rough. LB had been difficult all day. Kobi was acting out. And to be quite frank, I had just about had enough. At 8 pm, with Sofia…

  • Five on Friday FI
    that random thing

    Five on Friday.

    Is it just me or did this week seriously go by at a snail’s pace? Bah hum bug. But, we’ve finally made it to Friday, friends. Rejoice!…

  • The Year of Me | That Girl Myra
    that life thing

    The Year of Me

    Oh 2016. What a year. We had some really incredible highs including Sofia coming into our lives, Amir & I celebrating six years of marriage, growing closer to our families, and…

  • Life Lately + Confessions FI That Girl Myra
    that random thing

    Life Lately + Confessions

    Some days, I have my life in order and everything is properly broken down into what needs to be done. But then, I have days like today, where my to-do list…