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The Weekend of Nothing.

It’s been a madhouse around the Aslam household lately, y’all! One of my favorite parts of living abroad is when family & friends come to visit; but, having visitors back…

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Humpday Confessions.

Does anyone else still laugh at this or is it really just me?!  Either way, happy humpday, my lovelies! We’ve had so much going on here lately that I just…

Book Challenge FI
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Book Challenge By Erin 7.0

Y’all. I have been trying to remember to do this challenge every.single.year. And every year, I fail because I forget to sign up and participate, haha. BUT. NOT THIS YEAR,…

(FI) Coffee Chatter | That Girl Myra
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Coffee Chatter: Part III

What up, party people?! It’s been a while, huh? While I had every good intention to start blogging again weeks ago, I found that I just didn’t really have anything…

(FI) Coffee Chatter | That Girl Myra
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Coffee Chatter: Part II

Hiiii my little chalupas (thanks Kerri for that, haha)! While I’ve super missed all of you lovely people, I’ve going to be honest here. Something about leaving this space behind for…

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Weekending Shenanigans.

Oh Monday, how quickly you seem to show up. Luckily for us over in Amsterdam, it’s a short week thanks to King’s Day celebrations! On Thursday, the whole country basically…