LB's First Birthday Cake Smash
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LB’s First Birthday Cake Smash

You guys, this post has been such a long time coming that it’s embarrassing, lol. #Life #AmIRight?! But, anyways. In January, when LB turned a year old, we decided it was necessary…

The Nail Files (Essie FI) | That Girl Myra
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The Nail Files: REVIVAL!

Ok, who doesn’t love a good revival, am I right?! If you’ve been in bloglandia for a while now, you know my cheeseburger partner-in-crime & one of the bestest friends…

Two Truths & A Lie | That Girl Myra
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Two Truths & A Lie.

When I was younger, one of my favorite icebreaker games to play was two truths & a lie. Since I’ve noticed some new faces around my blog & Instagram, I figured…