Our (Love) Story

place sometime in the summer of 2008] Here I am, minding my own
business at work one day, when my senior manager approaches me and says
that the intern on his job is a really pretty and cool desi (for all you
non-desi folk, that means brown/Pakistani) girl that I might be
interested in AND if I wanted him to, he could introduce me to her. But,
since I wasn’t really looking for someone at the time, I told him,
“thanks for the offer but no thanks” and moved on with my life. Little
did I know that…

Chapter 1
in 2009] I was lead senior on my audit client and decided that it would
be a good time to pick a predecessor to be my staff. So, I figured I
would let God decide who that special person would be and picked names
out of a hat (ok, ok it was actually just someone’s palm). The first
person I picked was someone that I knew. Quickly I went through the
process of thinking, “How could I make this friend of mine my staff
member without ruining our friendship?” After about 5 seconds, I decided
to try my luck again & give the process another try. Try 2: picked a
name, didn’t know the person, worked well for me & on I went with
my work and busy life. Well, of course, about a month or two later, I
found out that the person I had picked was being requested by a bigger
client in the firm and as a result I had to succumb to the big dogs on
top and give up my staff. I was once again back to square one. This
time, I let my manager pick someone for me because I didn’t want to deal
with it anymore (yeah I delegated up, what what!?). Anyways, my
manager’s luck wasn’t better than mine (or perhaps it was!) because the
person he selected had decided to transfer to the Denver office. The
good news was that the person who WAS going to work at the Denver
office, however, had decided to come to the Houston office. As a result,
the Houston scheduling department gave her to us. I was finally happy
that I would get my own staff! 

Chapter 2

was November and Fall was in full force (you know the high 70s that
Houston has to offer). The day that I had waited for all year had
finally arrived! Today was the day I would get my staff!! Because my
staff had started right around the time of my vacation, I had to give my
staff orders over the phone. The phone call went a little like this: 

[Staff] Hello. 

[Senior] (Wow, my staff sounds cool!) Is this Myra? 
[Staff] Yes it is.
[Senior] This is your Senior, A, calling to give you orders. 
[Staff] Ay ay Senior. What can I do for you? 
[Senior] (She’s
nice too! Even sounds pretty!) Do all my work for me while I am out of
town eating turkey and gambling all my money away.

[Staff] Ok Senior. Have a good trip! 
[Senior] Thanks staff. (I wonder if she is as pretty as she sounds?) Hang up.

Chapter 3
was a cold Monday morning, low 70’s, right after a nice long
Thanksgiving break in which I ate a great home cooked Thanksgiving meal
and lost all my life savings off in Las Vegas (terrible, right?). I hate
to say it, but I was glad to leave Vegas and come back. Anyways, this
Monday was the day; today I was going to meet my staff! Since I didn’t
know where she was, I had to give her a call from my cube. The call went
kinda like this: 

[Staff] Hello

[Senior] Hey this is your Senior speaking. 

[Staff] Hi Senior!! Im so glad you are back! How was your trip? 

[Senior] It could have been better. Did you do all of my work for me? 

[Staff] Yes I did! Would you like me to come give you a massage? 

[Senior] That would be great, but first I would like to come and introduce myself. Where are you sitting? 

[Staff] 28th floor. 
[Senior] I’ll be there in 5. 
[Staff] I can’t wait to see you Senior!

Chapter 4
was a long walk from the other side of the 28th floor to where my staff
was but I figured I needed the exercise. When I finally got there all I
could see was the back of my staff’s head. She had short black hair and
her cube was filled with all the work that I had ordered her to do
while I was gone. Since she didn’t hear me approach, I had to give the
cube a knock to get her attention. She immediately turned around and
when she did, my breath left my lungs and hid from me. I had to spend a
second or two to find it but when I did the first words out of my mouth
were “Hi”. She was soooooo beautiful. Her light brown complexion was
shining brighter and more beautiful than anything on the entire 28th
floor. The next thing I noticed was how good she smelled. It was like
she fell from Heaven and ran into a bed of roses on her way down. Oh and
the way she dressed was classier than a girl in a classy girl magazine.
After her saying “Hi” and us shaking hands (by the way, her hands were
sooooo smooth) there was a long pause. I knew she was waiting for me to
say something, but all I could think about was her beauty. I just didn’t
know what to say. Before I started to feel like things were going to
get awkward I started talking about work. Whew, close call! The last
thing I wanted was for her to think I was weird.

Chapter 5
week was very interesting. All I could think about was how beautiful
she was and how she was exactly what I wanted. The only problem was that
I was her boss and the last thing I wanted to do (besides blowing a
chance with her) was lose my job over sexual harassment. Anyways, during
that week, we found out that we had SOOO much in common and I found out
that she knew my family too! It was amazing that I had never heard
about her before….or had I? Anyways, as you can already tell, I did very
little work that week, between us talking randomly through the work day
and me trying to figure out if she was with someone, I was thoroughly
occupied. I thought to myself, there is NO WAY this beautiful angel from
Heaven could be single! She was one of those “love at first sight
girls”. I was sure there was some Fabio out there who saw her, fell in
love with her and was lucky enough to have her choose to be with him. In
fact, I was willing to bet on it (‘cause we all know how that goes).
Deep down inside, however, I was keeping my fingers crossed hoping that
she hadn’t found anyone worthy enough for her. 
Chapter 6
day that week…or the next…I can’t really remember when, I found out
through Facebook that she was single! I can’t explain how happy I was
because of this; I had a chance!! The only problem was that I was her
boss! FAIL!! Because of this, I had to be coy and not let her know that I
liked her. I had to pray that she would give me a clue that she liked
me. That clue came about 2 weeks after we met when we were texting each
other (I can’t remember why or how we started texting but I was def
going with it!) and she mentioned to me that her mom had cooked some
Daal (for the non-brown folks, Daal = lentils). I got so excited at the
sound of Daal that I HAD to tell her it was my favorite Pakistani dish.
Finding this out, she told me that the next time her mom made Daal that
she would bring me some leftovers. Either she just wanted to butter up
her boss or she liked me. I chose to believe it was the latter. Anyways,
over the coming weeks we talked more until I finally got the nerves to
ask her out to dinner. She said YES!! 
Chapter 7
weekend before we had dinner, I had invited her to come out and play
soccer with us. That day actually started off terrible, as I got my
first speeding ticket in almost 5 years! I was NOT happy. Anyways, it
got better when I saw her there at the soccer field. She looked sooo
beautiful. Well, it turns out that not only was she beautiful, she was
also a great soccer player. After the game while everyone was leaving, I
decided to invite her to lunch with my friends and I. She said YES!!
After lunch was when it all happened. I stopped her as she was going to
her car and we talked for what seemed like a couple of hours. By the end
of our conversation, I was certain she liked me and I was the happiest
guy alive. Unfortunately, it was getting late and we had to leave. We
made plans to meet up later that evening and we went to the mall
together where I got to meet her baby brother and spend more time with
her. It was AWESOME!! I hated leaving her that night. I couldn’t wait to
see her again.

Chapter 8

was early January and we had been together for a few weeks already when
Myra and I were talking about random things like we generally do. Her
internship experience with KPMG came up and I asked her how it had gone
and what clients she had worked on. She mentioned that she worked on a
client with my old senior manager which I thought was pretty neat. Later
that night, I went home and started to think about it for a while when
it dawned on me that…wait…it couldn’t be…not possible…HOLY CRAP…it
WAS! She was the intern that my senior manager was talking to me
we realized that we were obviously the ones for each other (apparently
Myra was all goo-goo eyed over me as well; yes, I know, I AM pretty
amazing & good looking) we were sitting in a Barnes & Noble one
day when the topic of marriage came up. That would usually be around the
time that I would feel like the relationship was going WAY too fast but
this time it was weird….I actually didn’t think so at all. I knew
without a doubt that she was the one that I wanted to be with. I wanted
nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with her. I knew from the
time that I met her that I would live an incomplete life if I didn’t
have her in it (I know, kinda creeper as I thought this before I found
out she liked me). Apparently, she felt the same way and it was at that
time when we decided that we wanted to get married. The rest was

you ask Amir, he will tell you I was all googly-eyed over him and his
handsomeness. This is all very true, but let me take you back to how it
all started…
was the summer of 2009 and I was living in Milwaukee with the
cheeseheads, working at a law firm and debating a move to Denver in
order to start a job with KPMG. Seeing as how I was comfortable in tiny,
ole Milwaukee, I started contemplating whether it would be worth it to
uproot myself and start all over again in a state where I didn’t know
anyone. On a whim, I decided to give KPMG a call and do a final check to
see if there was maybe, just maybe one more spot open somewhere in the
South. I quite literally even considered moving to Tulsa! Anyhow, after a
couple of days of waiting for the recruiter to give me a call back
(during which time I was slowly giving up all hope), a random number
called in the middle of the day. Here’s how that went:

Random Caller: Hi, is this Myra?
Me: Yes, this is. How may I help you?
Caller: HEY, this is XYZ with KPMG. I know you inquired about a
position somewhere in the South and if you are interested, we would love
to have you in the Houston office.
Me: Whaaaaaat? Really? Please don’t be kidding with me. 
Random Caller: I’ll send you all the paperwork. We can’t wait to see you in November. 
Well, BAM,
just like that, I was packing up my Milwaukee life & making a
ridiculously long road trip back to Texas with my Daddy. I didn’t know
it then, but it was the best decision of my life.

was November in no time and I was preparing for my first few weeks with
the firm. We were told that our new class would be headed to Orlando
for a week of training & during that time, we would also be hearing
from the client we were supposed to be working with. Sure enough, after
class one day, while checking my email, I received a generic “Hey, hello
there” kinda email from who other than my Senior. Quick introduction
and 4,810 instructions later, my head was spinning with how much work I
had to do. Oh and I had to take care of all this stuff that I knew
NOTHING about while my Senior was off getting fat off of Turkey,
stuffing and apple pie. Great!

On my first day back to the office after training, I get a call, which went a little like this:

Encounter #1:
Dude on the Phone: Hey, is this Myra?
Me: Yes, this is. 

Dude: Hi,
I’m Amir. I’m the Senior at your client. Unfortunately, I am out on
vacation so I can’t help you with anything, but I am about to send you
40 files with 800 attachments. Please complete all this work by the time
I get back on Monday. 

Me: Oh,
okay. (While thinking: I hope he walks me through some of this stuff so
my brain can stop spinning and I actually get the work done the right
(proceeds to explain things to be done; I’m obviously paying great
attention while I’m pondering what this dude looks like and if he is
going to make me hate my life from now on)

Me: Great, sounds good. See you when you’re back!

The week flew by and suddenly it was Monday morning with my phone ringing off the hook at work.

Encounter #2:

Amir (Dude): Hey, I’m finally back from my fatty vacation; are you free so we can meet?
Me: Sure, mister. I’m over on the other side of 28. Come on over while I’m finishing up the million things you asked me to do.
Amir (Dude): Great, see you in 5.
I proceeded to put my headphones back in and pretend like I was
extremely busy, while all the while nervously twiddling my thumbs in
anticipation of meeting this guy. I heard a knock on the side of my cube
and turned around…
O.M.G. Hands down, the best looking guy I
had ever seen. I was completely speechless & quickly realized what a
fool I must look like gawking over this guy (who just so happened to be
my SENIOR) and not even introducing myself. I finally got it together
long enough to stick my hand out and stutter out my name and a weird
“oh, hello”. Unfortunately, I figured I must’ve waited too long & Amir probably thought I was a creep, because he dove straight into talking about work. 
the next couple of weeks, I spent ridiculous amounts of hours trying to
decide whether the guy liked me or not. I had already moved on to
another client and since I wasn’t seeing Amir face to face anymore, I
was having to make crazy-lovesick-girl assumptions based on emails/texts
I was getting. Somewhere in the middle of texting, Amir mentioned how
he loved Daal (lentils, ya know?). SCORE, I thought. Mom is making some
soon, so the best way to finally get to see handsome boy (this was his
nickname so no one ever knew who I was talking about) face to face is to
give him some homemade food. So, the day Mom made Daal, I packed a box
and sneakily got in my quick face time…then went back to playing the
very coy “i like you-i like you not” game. 
a couple weeks, texting finally turned into Amir asking me if I wanted
to go run with him one evening as we were both planning to run in an
upcoming race. Of course, I had already made dinner plans with a
girlfriend of mine, so instead of the run, I
invited Amir to come hang out if he was interested. I thought for sure
he would flake, but as I was making my way to the door, there he was.
Again, I was speechless and ended up gawking for a second too long.
Dinner was fabulous & I left the restaurant knowing in my heart that
this guy was something special. 
got a chance to play soccer with Amir and some of his friends one
weekend soon after the dinner fiasco and was thrilled to realize that we
even had the same hobbies. I was still having a hard time reading
whether Amir liked me or not, so I was starting to shut myself off from
pursuing anything further. But then out of nowhere, after the game ended
and i was about to head home, he invited me out to lunch with some of
his friends – boy am I glad I went. It was after lunch when Amir and I
finally got some time to talk & we realized how much we had in
common. It was obvious at that point that I was just as crazy about him
as he was me. Talk about a smitten couple of kids! 
spent a couple more weeks really getting a chance to know each other,
which ultimately led to this series of questions at Barnes & Noble:
Amir: Do your parents know about me?
Me: Ummmmm.
(Nervous jitterbugs in my tummy) Yeahhh, I kinda told them there was
someone liked…wait, do your parents know about me?!??

Amir: Well…yeah. I told them too. 

Me: So we’ve already brought each other up with respective parents. And brown people don’t just DO that. So now what…?

Amir: Well I really care about you…
Me: Are we going to get married…? (obviously I am VERY smooth and suave)
Amir: I wouldn’t have a problem marrying you. Would you have a problem with marrying me?
Me: Um, no. Have you looked in the mirror? You’re gorgeous.
Amir: Okay then, we love each other, our parents know that we care about each other, so, let’s talk to the parents and do this.

We’ve been inseparable since then!