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    that life thing

    Coffee Chatter: Part II

    Hiiii my little chalupas (thanks Kerri for that, haha)! While I’ve super missed all of you lovely people, I’ve goingΒ to be honest here. Something about leaving this space behind for a couple of weeks at a time really helps rebalance my inner thoughts.

    I’ll explain more in our coffee chat, okay?

    Coffee Chatter | That Girl Myra


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    Weekending on a Tuesday

    Oh goodness gracious, what a freakin’ busy last couple of weeks y’all. Honestly, every time I feel like I’ve got my routine back, it all goes insane again, lol. But anyways.…

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    Coffee Chatter: Part I

    Hi friends! I’m back in Amsterdam, which means I’m back on the blog πŸŽ‰! With my coffee in hand, let’s have a little catch up, yes?…

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    Things I Learned This Weekend.

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    Weekending: The Winter Wonderland

    I don’t even know who I am right now. This post is actually being written on a Sunday night instead of a Monday morning, lol. Take that procrastination! I win!Β Lol. In…