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  • Birthday Weekending Family
    that life thing

    Birthday Weekending.

    I cannot believe that 2 years ago, right before my birthday rolled in, I was in delivery mode with LB. Where the time goes after these little humans are born is…

  • become the fire | that girl myra
    that life thing

    Become the Fire.

    Hello my little unicorns! Happy 2018! It only took me a week to get a blog post up, but I’m ๐Ÿ’ฏ% okay with it. Instead of focusing on blogging the first…

  • that life thing

    Thanks for the Memories, 2017.

    Oh hey 2017, where the heck did ya go? I can’t believe we’re already at the point where we’re wrapping up another year, y’all. Time has been flying by, but I’m…

  • how to thanksgiving while overseas | that girl myra
    that life thing

    How to Thanksgiving While Living Overseas.

    After four years of living overseas, I’ve gotta say, we’ve become pros at the whole “Americans- need-Thanksgiving-even-in-foreign-countries” thing. So if you suddenly find yourself living overseas and don’t know what to…

  • five on friday
    that life thing

    Five on Friday.

    It’s Fridaaaayyyy, hallelujah! Y’all, I am so looking forward to the weekend coming up and to just find some time to sit and relax. It has been an extremely busy/stressful week…

  • hello is this thing on
    that life thing

    Hello? Is This Thing On?

    Well, well, well —ย you get 100 points if you read that with Matthew McConaughey’s voice —ย it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts, and I have to say, I’ve…

  • that life thing

    You Do You, Boo.

    Most of us have heard the phrase comparison is a thief of joy.ย And on more than one occasion, we’ve probably nodded along vehemently, knowing that it’s the truth. While weย know thatย we…