That Girl Myra

Hi y’all! I’m Myra, the girl behind the blog.

Since you’re here, let me tell you a little bit about me! I’m a Texas raised girl, with an extreme love for Bluebell ice cream, dark nail polish, social media and good books.

After leaving Houston for a 2 year international opportunity in Manila, my little family — consisting of my husband, Amir, our little babe, Sofia (aka: Little Bean), and our crazy dog, Kobi — resettled in Amsterdam for our second overseas rotation!

By profession, I’m a business management and accounting major. While I was working in the field of audit & wanting a hobby, I joined Bloglandia and ran a blog under the name The Little Aslam.

After six years with TLA & many life changes, it was time for a new season and thus That Girl Myra was born!

TGM is a lifestyle blog focusing on all things baby, yummy (and quick) recipes that I love, and information about the gorgeous places we’ve visited so far. Sprinkled in between those posts, you’ll hear more about my Disney obsession, how I love to chop my hair off impulsively, and how I’m following a dream I didn’t know I had by running a content marketing company with my virtual best friend!

In true Myra fashion, I’d love for you to grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa (yes, I love it as much as some people love their coffee) and come hang out with me as I take on this new adventure!