That Girl Myra

Hi y’all! I’m Myra, the girl behind the blog.

I’m terrible at writing about myself, but hey, since you’re here to learn more about me, I’ll give it a whack. I’m a Texas raised girl, with an extreme love for Bluebell ice cream, dark nail polish, social media, gifs & meme oversharing, and good books.

I’m mama to the most darling little babe, Sofia (LB for short), the owner and voice behind Bliss Creative Services, and for the last 4.5 years, an expat wife who’s learned to turn different cities into home

TGM is a catch-all blog that captures the essence of my actual life. I like sharing the good and the bad and keepin’ things real! Whether it’s sharing 30 minute recipes — because who the heck has time for fancy dinner cooking, funny stories about how pregnancy and mamahood kicks my butt, how we travel the world whenever we are able to, or how I love to chop my hair off impulsively with zero regrets, there’s always something for everyone around these parts, haha!

So, grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa and come hang out with me through all the  ridiculous stories I’ve got for you.