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Thanks for the Memories, 2017.

Oh hey 2017, where the heck did ya go? I can’t believe we’re already at the point where we’re wrapping up another year, y’all. Time has been flying by, but I’m a lucky gal and this past year has been a heckuva good one! So to make sure I get to remember the best of the year, what better way to say goodbye and close the door on 2017 than by sharing 3 happy things I got to enjoy, right?!


Watching LB grow into a kind, beautiful, loving toddler. The first year of motherhood is crazy. Seriously, half of the days go by with you not knowing whether you’ve eaten or showered and the rest are spent sleeping at every random hour so that you can pass for a normal human. Learning how to be a mom, creating a bond with your baby, and finding a new normal keeps that first year so busy, surviving it calls for a massive celebration, haha! But year 2? Man, oh man, have I reaped the benefits of crazy year 1. LB’s sweet & loving personality is starting to shine through and it is the best.thing.ever. Her love for sharing, her affinity for giving hugs + kisses, and for making everyone around her giggle are some of the best qualities we’ve seen come from her this year and I’m so excited to see those things grow in 2018. Seeing her flourish with her vocabulary and string together coherent phrases makes me proud of the efforts we exert to ensure she’s learning and I love seeing her share more of her thoughts with us.

I’ve heard the phrase “babies don’t keep” and while I miss the ‘squishy baby LB phase,’ right now, I’m really enjoying (and trying to embrace) all of the messy toddler phase we’re in! Alhamdulillah (i.e. thank God) for this beautiful girl in our lives. We’re some lucky parents indeed.


It’s no secret that we love to travel and this year has been chock full of adventures. From seeing the epic beauty of nature that is Iceland to Euro-tripping around London & Paris with my brother to taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Norway to spending Christmas in Trinidad & Tobago, this year has been a wanderluster’s dream! Amir and I have such a love for seeing and learning from other cultures and I hope that we continue to explore the world even more in 2018. And also? Can I just tell y’all how insanely excited I am that at some point this year we plan to bring Sofia to Disney and the thought alone makes me absolutely giddy!! I’ll probably be busy acting like a 2 year old right alongside her, haha.

Iceland Waterfall | That Girl Myra

Kinsarvik Norway | That Girl Myra

Paris | That Girl Myra


Finding myself. I don’t know what it was about this year, but something in me finally broke free. I began speaking out more, sticking up for myself more, and overall caring about myself and my mental health more. And y’all, it’s been incredible. Sometimes we are so busy allowing others to dictate our life with their thoughts, opinions, wants, and needs that we put ourself on the back burner way more than we should.

I don’t entirely know when it started this year, but I found myself putting myself first and it has been everything I didn’t know I needed. As 2018 draws near and new adventures and challenges begin, I hope to remind myself daily that what I need and what I want is important and deserves to be recognized.

Thanks for the memories and the lessons, 2017! Cheers to 2018 being as good as you were ❤️

xoxo, myra

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    January 2, 2018 at 5:47 AM

    I am a big fan of your number three! 😘 Can we please start talking more regularly again?? Our random twitter interactions are not sufficient! I feel like we should set the blogging world a blaze with comments… thoughts?? Am I taking this too far again? So many questions, so little time. Can’t wait to hear from you. lol

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    chelsea jacobs
    January 3, 2018 at 4:35 PM

    She is EVERYTHING. And Y E S to the last one. SO important. Cheers to our best year yet!!

  • Reply
    January 3, 2018 at 6:09 PM

    The pic of her in her sunglasses!!! ♥

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