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Easy Peasy Teeth Whitening While on the Go

Have I ever told y’all about how I never used to drink coffee? I mean, other than the occasional Starbucks run with friends (so we could rot our teeth with sugary drinks), coffee was never something I truly enjoyed.

Now fast forward. I’m a work-from-home-business-owner and mom to a one year old. These days, my life seems to run off coffee 😂 #JustCallMeLoreleiGilmore

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Coffee | That Girl Myra

And while I am all about getting my extra dose of caffeine daily, I am not a fan of the yellow stains that decided to call my teeth their home. Anyone with me? Just as I was about to resort to brushing my teeth with baking soda + hydrogen peroxide, I got lucky.

Smile Brilliant, the perfect at-home whitening company, swooped in to save the day…and my teeth! 🤗

When I went home to visit Houston earlier this year, the wonderful folks at Smile Brilliant sent me an at-home teeth whitening system to try. I quickly pulled everything out of the box and got to work.

Let me walk y’all through how freakin’ cool & easy this system/process is, okay?


Remove everything from the box as quickly as possible and squeal with excitement.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit | That Girl Myra-1

Then slow down a moment to read the instructions. I love how the guide tells you exactly how to combine the pastes together to make your molds! Because of how much you use, I even ended up with extra left over just in case I screwed it up.


After making my molds, I put everything into the pre-paid envelope and sent it back to Smile Brilliant. And voila, within 5 days, my custom fitted molds were in my hands!

Smile Brilliant Trays | That Girl Myra-1

If you’ve ever considered having your dentist create your molds for you, you know that the trays are one of the most costly items! But, if you purchase your kit directly from Smile Brilliant having these made for you is part of your package!


Once I had my custom trays, I read through the whitening process. The kit came with 3 packets of whitening gel + 3 packets of desensitizing gel. While I don’t have very sensitive teeth, I was glad to proactively have the desensitizing gel in the event that I would need it.

In the evenings, I apply a thin line of whitening gel to my trays and pop them on. When I first started the process, I kept them in for 30 minutes and slowly built up over 2 weeks to leaving them in for an hour at a time. After removing the trays, then rinsing them clean, I apply a thin line of the desensitizing gel and leave that on for another 20 minutes.

Just a note: I enjoyed using my trays once every other day rather than every day in order to give them recovery time! Because of this, I feel that I didn’t have any sensitivity issues. 

Smile Brilliant Gels | That Girl Myra-1


Admire your pearly whites on the daily! 😉 When I started using these trays, I was in the middle of scheduling some pictures for work. Within days, bits of the yellow I had noticed were gone and within a couple of weeks, almost all of the yellowing was cleared up.

When picture day arrived, I was happy to see my teeth giving me a nice white smile instead of a weird yellow one.

Smile Brilliant Results | That Girl MyraIt’s fine, I know you’re all staring at LB and not me. 

When I’ve had whitening done at a doctors office before (thanks Groupon), I remember walking out feeling like my teeth were going to fall out of my mouth & not even being able to sip cold water due to sensitivity. This time, however, without the LED lights and someone trying to force my teeth to whiten within an hour, the gentle process of Smile Brilliant gave me results I wanted while taking care of my teeth.

I still have 1 syringe left of each of the gels, but I do plan to repurchase them the next time I’m home so I can continue to whiten my teeth at home, while binge watching Billions, because that’s just what I do 😂

Oh, and my coffee pot is really happy that I’m not abandoning it because of yellow teeth. White teeth + coffee drinking still happening = total wins all around in my book!

And now, a little special something for YOU! My fabulous friends at Smile Brilliant are giving away ONE free kit to one of my readers + they are offering a discount code for everyone else. Want to win a kit for yourself? ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! Not interested in the giveaway, but just want the discount code? Well, here ya go. Use code thatgirlmyra5 for 5% off your purchase!  **Giveaway open to UK, Australia, Canada, and USA residents. Winner will be chosen by SmileBrilliant in 2 weeks.**

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    kerri @ cheshire kat
    May 30, 2017 at 2:21 PM

    ah this is great! i am a coffee and tea addict and cant wait to try this once i finish with my braces. i def need something that is gentle and gives results 🙂 great review girl!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  • Reply
    perfect resume template -
    May 31, 2017 at 5:03 PM

    I liked your idea with the teeth whitening and that would be great to try it and have wanderful teeth.

  • Reply
    June 6, 2017 at 6:04 AM

    I want to try this system! I normally use whitening strips, but I feel like the trays would do a better job.

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