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The Nail Files: OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around + Friday Five.

Hiya friends! Did y’all miss me over in bloglandia? Sorry for pulling a disappearing act, but when I’m on vacation, I really like to be on vacation, haha!

With another Fri-YAY upon us, let’s hop right into it with The Nail Files & a little Friday Five action.

The Nail Files | That Girl Myraaffiliate links ahead. disclosure hereReady? Let’s go.

| ONE. The last few weeks at home have been such bliss. I love coming back to be around family, see my friends, and to just generally recharge. My days in Amsterdam can get so routine that I sometimes find myself feeling in a…well, rut. But, something about coming home always reminds me of pre-baby Myra. I love who I used to be in those years & I hope to bring some of that energetic, fun Myra back to Amsterdam with me this time.

| TWO. Park days with Sofia are I kid you not. While she’s not so sure about the swings yet (or the height, because hello, she is my kid), she absolutely loves the slide. I’m fairly certain we took about 35 rides on there. My legs were tired after all that climbing around, haha.

Park Days | That Girl Myra

Also speaking of parks, I was playing on the monkey bars & tried to climb up the fireman pole and wow, is my upper body in need of some serious work, haha. I blame my slick pants for not being able to climb up the pole, but the monkey bars? No excuse, y’all. None. 🤦🏻‍♀️

| THREE. I’ve been working on my running game, but I seem to have somehow messed up my right foot. It’s super tender on the outside part of the foot & is hard to put pressure on. NOT FUN. Hoping whatever it is clears up soon so I can get back out there.

Keeping in line with that, I got back onto the Fitbit train this week. While I have the Apple Watch & use it all the time, it doesn’t give me the workout/steps challenge the way I enjoy. Fitbit has a solid community for that & I love it. So I’m doubling up on my tech game, lol, and have already joined a couple of running communities that will help me with my accountability!

| FOUR. Have I ever mentioned what an idiot I was to get rid of my Kindle many moons ago? I recently got the Paperwhite when it was on sale and you guys, best decision ever. So many library books to read! I’m pretty sure I’m on the waitlist for 20 books already. 😂

| FIVE. This week my mani is brought to you by OPI! Haha, did you think I was gonna say Essie Gel Couture again? 

The Nail Files OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around | That Girl Myra

The Nail Files OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around Swatch | That Girl Myra

COLOR: OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around || SHOP

I love the taupe/nude shade of this color so much! It’s one that you can wear with anything and it’ll work. I used three light coats to build up opacity.

That’s all for me this week, y’all! How was your week and what are you wearing on your nails?! Share with me! 

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