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Weekending: The Winter Wonderland

I don’t even know who I am right now. This post is actually being written on a Sunday night instead of a Monday morning, lol. Take that procrastination! I win! Lol.

In the 1+ year that we’ve been in Amsterdam, this weekend was the first time we got snow that actually stuck. So obviously, a recap of our fun is needed!

Weekending_ The Winter Wonderland


We kicked off the weekend with a freakin’ yummy breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, and sausages! By the time we were done eating, there was even more snow on the ground, so we decided to go play in it. It’s the first time Kobi and Sofia have ever been in the snow and it was SO fun! Kobi didn’t realize that the snowballs were not actual balls. So, he kept chasing them down whenever we would throw them for him. We had bundled Sofia up into so many layers that she wasn’t sure what to make of all the cold, white fluff we were tossing around.

Weekending The Girls

Weekending Fam Picture

Weekending The Snowman
my absolutely pathetic attempt at a snowman!

Weekending Hot Cocoaand really, what snow day would be complete without hot cocoa?!


Because we are a bunch of gluttonous fools, Brioche French Toast was the kick off for our day! And because I’m a terrible blogger, I forgot to take a picture! 🤷🏻‍♀️ After brekky, Amir and Sofia were sick the rest of the day with bouts of cold + fever. So, I did what any normal mom would do and went out for alone time while the 2 of them rested!

The rest of the day was lazy and we enjoyed watching TV and relaxing on the couch! By 9 pm we were all in bed because hey, we party hard, ya know?

(But really, I’m reading a book that I really want to finish, so I read while my two sickies knocked right out.) And just like that, another weekend came to an end.

What were y’all up to, friends? 

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  • Reply
    kerri @ cheshire kat
    February 13, 2017 at 3:26 PM

    yay for snow! you’re so adorable on snap with your excitement over snow. and sophia in that snowsuit? i want to snuggle her for days in that haha. here’s hoping you don’t get sick too and the others get better asap! happy week!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  • Reply
    Bri @ My Life As...
    February 13, 2017 at 4:39 PM

    The hot chocolate with sprinkles is so fun! My post was the opposite this week lol. Normally I’m fairly good at getting them written on Sundays but all I got was pictures up & then typed something up as soon as I got to work this morning lol. Happy Monday! Glad you had a fun time in the snow!

    • Reply
      February 21, 2017 at 4:55 PM

      Hahahahaha, I do this so often that I can totally relate. These days I’ve been on a role with getting my posts up early. It’s SHOCKING, friend. Also, hot cocoa with sprinkles + whipped cream = heaven. Please try it immediately 😉 xo

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