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My Skincare Routine + Products I Love

If you’d asked me about my skincare routine a couple of years ago, I probably would’ve laughed. Skincare routine? Me? Yeah, right.

I was always trying the newest ‘it-thing’ to combat the random adult acne breakouts, the dry skin, and my uneven skin tone. Between ACV toners & coconut oil slathered on my face, nothing seemed to really work.

When we moved to Manila, finding American products became difficult and expensive. So I decided to go back to basics.

My Skincare Routine Pinable That Girl Myra

A cleanser, daily moisturizer, night cream, and more often that I ever imagined — no makeup.

Manila is a hot country. The sun beats down all the time and wearing makeup became a chore. On the days that I did wear it, within minutes of walking outside, it felt like it was dripping down my face. And let’s be real, that is a gross feeling.

I started eliminating makeup slowly. Foundation being the hardest to give up since I would use it to cover up my skin imperfections. But as the weeks went by, it became easier to not even touch my products for days at a time.

With less makeup, I had less clogged pores, which in turn led to less acne. And before I knew it? My skin had cleared up on its own. When we moved to Amsterdam, I was comfortable with how my skin looked, but was worried about what would happen when I started using makeup again.

Luckily, I’d like to think my skincare routine has helped keep everything in check!

Here’s what I do daily to ensure I don’t have irritated skin:

  1. Garnier Micellar Water: I love this stuff. I swipe it on every morning when I wake up. It gives my face a nice clean feeling without weighing it down.
  2. Cerave AM Moisturizer: This cream is my go-to for life. Amir’s mom introduced it to me a few years ago, and I can’t imagine not using it now. I liberally apply this to my clean face and give it a few minutes to soak in.
  3. The days I wear makeup, I keep it light instead of slathering it on. (More on the products I use below)
  4. At the end of the day, I use the Garnier Micellar Water again to clean off my makeup/or just the dirty feeling if I’m not wearing anything.
  5. Cerave PM Cream: Yes, there are two specific creams — one for the day & one for the night and I use them both. I love the feeling of the night cream as it melts right into my skin.

I’ve walked away from vigorously scrubbing my face clean with soap. The harsh chemicals seem to always irritate my skin. I also only use coconut oil on the days when my skin seems very dry from the cold weather! In moderation, coconut oil is a great moisturizer for me.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am not a huge makeup person. I never really have been (although I do have my eye on a few products I’d love to try out!). Which of course means that my makeup routine is pretty lame standard. You’ll laugh when you see why.

Makeup Products I Love | That Girl Myra

Products I love:

  1. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser (in Neutralizer): You guys, I’m a mom. Dark circles have practically etched themselves into my skin, haha. This guy makes my life easier & makes me look more human most days!
  2. Benefit Erase Paste: Because, dark circles. I’ve had this product before and repurchased it because I love it that much. Worth the money, if ya ask me!
  3. Maybelline FITme Matte + Poreless Foundation: I do not use this every day. But on the days where I want that extra glow, this foundation has been my go-to. It takes a very small amount to achieve coverage, and it doesn’t make my face feel heavy.
  4. Wet n Wild Illuminating Palette: Highlighter, blush, and bronzer all in one? And for $5? Count me in.
  5. NYX Mousse Liner: I’m a Pakistani girl, which says enough about why I love my eyeliner, haha! I picked this up recently and I love it. SUPER resilient, doesn’t come off by the end of the day, and If you love eyeliner, BUY THIS ONE NOW. You’ll thank me.
  6. Maybelline Colossal Go! Extreme Mascara: (OK, I didn’t realize I used this many Maybelline products, y’all) I love this stuff. It makes my lashes full and voluminous without clumping them up. I even wear this alone on days that I don’t want to do anything else as far as makeup is concerned.

And that’s all there is to it, folks. Most days I swipe on some concealer, a little bit of blush, and put on mascara. Some days, I glam it up a little bit. But regardless, my skincare routine stays the same & I gotta say, it seems like my skin is lovin’ how I take care of it!

Do you have any holy grail skincare & makeup products?! Share with me!

*FYI: I am a Target affiliate member, so I’ve linked some of the products I’ve purchased to their site. I would love if you’d purchase your items using my links to help me get back a few cents on my referrals. This way, I can keep buying new products to try and share my thoughts with you! I only talk about products I love & use myself, so please know my opinions are real & are not sponsored by anyone!

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  • Reply
    December 9, 2016 at 6:27 PM

    I use the same foundation! It’s one of my favorites. I purchased the Garnier Micellar Water for Nick to use to remove his stage makeup but I think maybe I should start using it too!

  • Reply
    kerri @ cheshire kat
    December 12, 2016 at 3:58 PM

    oh i like your simple routine. simpler the better i always say. and yay for removing foundation – i haven’t ever used it and i fear i’ll need it someday and have no idea what i’m doing haha. i love micellar water. i just need to remind myself to use it more 🙂

    xoxo cheshire kat

  • Reply
    December 13, 2016 at 5:26 PM

    I love Erase Paste! I also use their Fakeup along with it.

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