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I’m Not a Pinterest Mom

I was doing what I do best the other day, browsing Facebook, when I came across an article someone had posted about the simplicity of life when we (the late twenty/early thirty year old group of us) were growing up. I clicked on the article and before I could read more than half of it, I found myself daydreaming back to when I was a kid.

The days of simple birthday parties with family, simple afternoons playing outside with my best friends for life, simple days of having pizza as a celebratory dinner, etc. And it got me thinking — what ever happened to that simplicity? When did everything become such a hugeover-the-top, let’s outdo one another kind of affair?!

When did having a Pinterest worthy life become the end goal?

not pinterest mom

About a month or so ago, I had posted this picture up on Instagram. The caption read: “I’ve got a #baby with a runny nose, a #mama with no #makeup, hair undone and thrown up, and not pictured, a #pup who’s busy sniffing around instead of taking care of business while we all get rained on 😂 Real life is no #Pinterest perfect snapshot, is it?! 💁🏻 And you know what, I’m totally cool with it.”

And I realized again while reading this article that I actually am totally cool with not being a Pinterest mom.

It’s okay that I want to have a small birthday party for LB with only family & our closest friends. I’m totally fine with my house having toys strewn around and laundry piled up because I was too busy playing with LB instead of running around fixing up every little thing she touched. It’s okay that I let her sit in her diaper and smush strawberries all over herself instead of freaking out that the juice is now running down her arms & legs. It’s fine that I don’t wear makeup, have my hair done, sit in a cute dress with heels on every single day.

It is perfectly acceptable that I am me.
It is perfectly acceptable that I enjoy every moment rather than worrying about what could’ve been better.

My days will continue to be crazy, I will continue to wear yoga pants half of the week, I will happily spend time with my babe instead of doing the dishes and one day in the future, I know I will be proud to look back on these days knowing that I soaked up every moment — even if those healthy muffins I tried to make ended up looking like a lump of goo!

To all the Mamas: Whether you’re pinterest worthy or not — keep doing YOU. And when your days are messy, embrace them. They won’t be that way for long. 

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