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Goodbye Manila, See You Again.

A little over two years ago, we packed up our lives in Houston and made our first international move. We didn’t know what to expect, we weren’t sure how we would adjust, we just didn’t know much of anything at all. We were newbies through & through. Moving abroad is a daunting task, y’all. You leave behind a lot of what you know — family, friends, comfort zones — and for some, that is just not their thing.

To be very honest, we weren’t sure if living overseas would be for us either, but after immersing ourselves into everything the Philippines has to offer, we realized very quickly that the international life is one that we do well.

Our first trip in the Philippines – Puerto Princessa. 
After arriving in Manila, we got busy — we settled into our apartment, figured out where things were, how things work, met some friends and suddenly, we were into a new chapter of our life. This new chapter brought along lots of opportunities and we became determined to soak up every little moment & every fun adventure that came our way.

It’s no surprise then that our time abroad has been filled with so many fun things — we have traveled to places we didn’t think we ever would, we tried out food we didn’t know anything about and we even pushed ourselves into learning and trying hobbies & activities that we weren’t accustomed to (thanks Amir for making me get scuba certified, haha).

Scuba trip in Batangas.
Puerto Princessa
Nestle FitFil Boot Camp.
Great Wall in China.
Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong.
Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand.
Big Buddha in Hong Kong.
Montemar Beach Club.
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.
Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.
Inside the Taal Volcano Crater in Tagaytay, Philippines.

And while we were busy soaking up all of the fun, in the blink of an eye, two years happened to fly by. This opportunity? You guys, I just can’t put it into words. It has been amazing. And I am shocked that our time in Manila has come to an end. Alas, such is life, huh?

To our friends here: Thank you. I can’t say those words enough. Thank you for being in our lives, for getting to know us, for standing by us through the tough times while our family wasn’t able to be here with us physically, for becoming our extended family, for loving us and for celebrating all the wonderful things that have happened over the years. I cannot wait to see you all again! Until then — long live FaceTime 😉

Manila, I’ll surely miss you. But as they say, it’s not goodbye…it’s see you again later. 

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