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Confessions & #HashtagHumpday: All the Things I’ve Already Screwed Up in Amsterdam.

Helllllooo from Amsterdam, friends! We have finally made it to our new home and are slowly, but surely, getting settled in. We arrived at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning and after making it over to the apartments we are temporarily staying at, we decided we were going to try and stay awake the whole day so we could beat the jetlag as much as possible.

As we said bye to Manila and went to the airport. 

Since we still had to wait for Kobi to be delivered to our place by the relocation company, we decided to make good use of our time and get out for a bit. So we bundled up and off we went to get some breakfast and groceries before he arrived…and that, my friends, was the beginning of our hilariously whacked out day 1 in Amsterdam.
I confess —
++ When we decided to go grocery shopping, we didn’t realize that the store didn’t take AMERICAN credit cards — even though we have the PIN chip on there!!! Haha. So here we were with all of our groceries bagged up and ready to go only to find out we couldn’t pay with our card. And of course, since we had only just arrived and hadn’t made it over to a currency converter shop yet, we had no cash on us either. Amir had to run out of the store area and find an ATM so we could at least have some Euros on hand! It was a good thing everyone else joined in the laughing of what was going on so we didn’t feel like complete and utter idiots. #FromNowOnIllAlwaysCarryCash #IfIHadBeenAloneIWouldveRunAwayAndNeverGoneBack 

++ Speaking of the grocery store, we also didn’t realize that everyone brings their own recyclable bags for their groceries. It was a very good thing the registers had bags for purchase so we were able to snag a few for the next time we go to the market without looking super out of place. Oh wait, we already did the embarrassing thing with the ‘no-way-to-pay’ situation. #AllThesePeopleDoingGood #AndWereOverHereBeingSoUnCultured

++ And since we are still on the topic of grocery stores and groceries, let me round it out with this. As we were buying milk (finally the good stuff and not the boxed crap that we drank in Manila), my excitement levels went all crazy pants and I decided I really wanted some chocolate milk too. So I picked some up.
This morning when I went to pour said chocolately goodness into my cup, I realized the milk was not, in fact, milk, but rather…chocolate pudding. #ThatHappened #IGuessThatsOneWayToSatisfyTheChocolateCravings #ItsAGoodThingImStartingDutchClassesSoon

++ We took Kobi outside for a walk and were going to take him to the store with us (Amsterdam is super pet friendly & Kobi was loving the weather) when lo & behold, the weather went all nutso and the rain started coming down. We were already warned about the rainy insanity here, which is fine and all, but we definitely miscalculated chilly wind + rain. Lol. After approximately 3 minutes of being outside, we came back to the apartment, toweled Kobi off to warm him up, and then Amir & I alone braved the insane weather. #TimeToGetKobiAJacket #ImGonnaBeOneOfThosePetParents #NoShameInMyGame #ElfCostumeToTheRescue

Ahhhh, all the fun things that happen when you’re trying to get acclimated to a new country just slay me! I’m sure I’ll have some even funnier stories to share soon (such as how Amir is currently sitting next to me on Rosetta Stone learning Dutch so he can know it before I do, lololol). 

Have y’all ever gone to a new country and had hilariously insane things happen to y’all?! Share with me! 

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