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[Weekending] That Time We Conquered Singapore in Three Days

Another weekend, another travel location to hit up for us crazies!

One of the places that we have been trying to get to for the last two years (and always have something else come up) is Singapore! We had heard that you only really need about 3-4 days to explore, so when we found out that this previous weekend would be an extended one, we decided to book our vacation as soon as possible! 
We booked our trip about a month ago and naturally, as we usually do, we procrastinated with packing until the night before our flight. Not only was packing on the list, but then of course, because my nails were naked, I absolutely HAD to paint them before bed…at 11 pm…and then I went to bed at midnight…and then woke up at 4 am and took a shower before heading to the airport. Because this is normal behavior, right? 
But I’m off on a tangent again here. Back to our adventures! I’ll give y’all a day by day breakdown, okay?
We popped out of our bed like those scary little clowns in the ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ boxes at 4 am and took quick showers before we drove up to the airport. With all of Amir’s frequent flyer miles, we were given access to the Singapore lounge and it was heavenly! We snacked on some breakfast yummies, had some coffee and goofed around until it was time for our flight. 
After having such a late night, we were pretty tired by the time 8 am rolled around & we finally got on the plane. We both managed a little bit of time reading and listening to music before we passed out for more than half the flight! Haha. 
Whenever we travel, we try to do as the locals do & use their mode of transport as much as we can! Singapore has a fabulous Tourist Pass for the MRT which you can buy for 1, 2, or 3 day increments, so we signed up for those and off we went. The bonus with these passes is if you return them within 5 days of use, you get a rebate for some of your moolah back! 

We had all the info we needed to get to our hotel, so we caught the train from the airport and off we went. UNTIL…we got to the hotel. And handed over our passports for check-in. Only for the receptionist to tell us “I’m sorry, Sir, Ma’am, you’re at the wrong hotel. This is Carlton City hotel and you are at Carlton Hotel a few stops down” LO-FREAKING-L. I did the funny neck crane to see if anyone else had heard our debacle and we made a run for it, haha! 
In all honesty, the hotel Amir had booked us into was actually in a much better area and we were able to access all the places we wanted to get to easily from there! So after dropping all of our stuff off and freshening up, off we went to explore.
First up: Chinatown & Little India! We were hungry hungry hippos and Amir had read that Chinatown has a neat Food Street Market so we decided to go hunt it down. To be quite frank, both areas were just okay. We didn’t come across anything super awesome and after some food and walking around, we decided we were good with moving on to something else! 
Back on the train we went and ended up at Orchard Road! Orchard is known for the crazy, extravagant, huge malls and boy it did not disappoint. I have never seen so many stores and malls one after another! We did a little walking around and tried out a REAL ice cream sandwich before heading on to Marina Bay Sands for the evening 🙂 
A very literal ice cream sandwich. And it was DELICIOUS. Why do we all not eat ice cream in sandwich bread all the time?! 
Friday night was rounded out with a nice long stroll around the Garden by the Bay and the Super Trees! We watched the light shows at the bay and also at the super trees and enjoyed the rest of the night sipping some coffee and talking to a really nice Singaporean couple we met. 

Have I mentioned that when Amir and I go on vacation we are complete freaks and wake up entirely WAY too early so we can get the days started? Well, we do…and Saturday was no exception. We were up at 6:30 am to have breakfast and decided hey, let’s head out to the Singapore Botanical Gardens for a little walk/workout before we were due for a lunch meet up!

Inside the Botanical Gardens, there is an Orchid garden, so while Amir went for a run, I decided to go take a look at all the gorgeous flowers! When I came back from the gardens, I walked right into a group of these sweet older people who were outside learning dance moves and then showing us all how to shake it! They were so cute and I had such a fun time watching them before we left!

After heading back to the hotel and getting showered up and dressed, we went to this fabulous buffet at the Hyatt Grand Hotel on Orchard Road called Strait’s Kitchen to meet up with a childhood friend of mine! It was so good to see her and her lovely family (and that cute, squishy baby of hers)!!

We stuffed ourselves, went for a little walk and then Amir & I took off to do some more exploring around Bugis and Arab Street areas. It was so fun to just walk around enjoy some evening walking and see the hustle and bustle that was going on. 
I also loved getting to sit outside and hear the beautiful call to prayer that Muslims use to signal as their prayer times! 
Around 8 pm, we took off as we had previously scheduled ourselves for the Singapore Night Safari and omg y’all, it was the longest trip ever to get out to the zoo! Haha. We literally made it to the zoo at about 9:30 and went straight to get on the safari tour! It was so neat and I highly highly suggest going if you’re ever visiting Singapore. Although it’s hard to get pictures, the animals that are outside are in the spotlight and you get to see them all fairly close to you! 
And last but not least, our last day of the trip came sooner than we thought it would! We decided we needed to have a little lie in on Sunday and didn’t really get the day started until about 9 am which is usually late for us, haha. 
Since it was our last day in town (and our flight wasn’t until the evening), we decided to head out to Sentosa which is where Universal Studios, Resorts World and a bunch of family friendly rides/beaches are available. We didn’t have enough time to do Universal Studios, so we opted to walk around Sentosa, enjoy the sites, ride the cable cars and just take it easy before it was time to head back to the airport. 
And because we couldn’t leave Singapore without some dim sum, when we saw Din Tai Fung which is one of the Top Ten Best Rated Restaurants by The New York Times and is also Michelin star rated, we stopped in to get our last bit of fattiness out of the way! 
The aftermath…
Yep, thats spicy noodles, steamed buns and THREE separate boxes of dim sum. And we finished it all. Lol!!
Overall, Singapore was everything we were hoping for and then some and I’m so glad we got to explore it before leaving this part of the world! It’s definitely a “want to visit again” place on my lists! 
Have y’all ever been to Singapore? Do you want to go?! 
Cheers lovelies! 
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  • Reply
    Kerri Taylor
    August 25, 2015 at 12:32 PM

    stop – that looks amazing! what a rad trip. i wanna run through the botanical gardens! almost seems unreal 🙂 also those beaches – that's where you'd find me after all the sightseeing!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  • Reply
    Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee
    August 25, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    All the malls and stores sound like heaven!!!!!
    Bahahaha… the ice cream sandwich! I mean, I love ice cream and I love bread! Why not?!
    A night safari sounds bad ass!

  • Reply
    August 25, 2015 at 7:14 PM

    Such a great trip!!
    Although I'm not sure I can wrap my head around that literal ice cream sandwich ha

  • Reply
    August 26, 2015 at 1:14 AM

    First I was all "WHAAAT bread and ice cream?" and then I remembered that the cookies in chipwiches are almost bread and I actually like bread more than I like cookies and now it has been decided, I'm going to try this someday. What a fun weekend you had!! How amazing. I'm so in awe of all your adventures!

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